Neil Peart’s Drum Kit From the 70s To Be Auctioned

Rush’s Neil Peart was one of the best drummers in music history with a legendary drum setup. One of Peart’s early era drum kits has hit the auction block with the bidding expecting to reach somewhere between $80,000-$120,000.

This specific kit being auctioned is a chrome Slingerland drum kit that Peart used while touring between 1974-1977. It’s includes two 22″ bass drums with chrome wrap including the original head, blue resonant heads each with the large silver Rush logo and “Neil” painted on one with “Peart” on the other. There’s also two 13″ Tom Toms with chrome wrap and a 14″ Tom Tom with chrome wrap and with the original head signed by Peart. Each of these three Toms come with a Set-O-Matic mount. The kit also has a 16″ Floor Tom with chrome wrap, and a set of four concert Toms with copper wrap in 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. All of these come with three-play shells of maple, poplar and mahogany.

Peart purchased the kit in late July / early August of 1974 and it was placed into storage in 1977, later donated by Peart for a Modern Drummer giveaway in 1987. The set was awarded to drummer Mark Feldman, who eventually sold the kit to the present owner.

To learn about the auction, head here.

Neil Peart’s ‘2112’ Drum Kit Heading to Auction


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